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   Diesel SAWING


    Slab sawing, also known as flat sawing, is now the most commonly used method for cutting through horizontal slabs - or "flat" surfaces.  In this form of cutting, the saw-man  guides a self propelled diesel machine known as a "flat saw", which is equipped with a large diamond segmented blade that abbrases concrete as it spins in high rpms. As the machine moves forward, this blade slices downward through concrete, reinforced concrete or asphalt of varying thicknesses. 


    Though equipped with state of the art emission scrubbers on our saws, we still recommend adequate ventilation in the requested work area and in most cases reserve diesel sawing for outside projects.  








    For  inside projects with low ventilation we  recommend utilizing our 480v electric flat saw with cutting capabilities of 18" and slim width of 34".  This saw is can be maneuvered in tight places in and out of corridors and even down elevators. 


    Electric Sawing is used when combustion engines  cannot be used  due to air quality control inside a building or a room. Our saw is powered by a single 480v cable connected to our  high cycle generator pulled behind our saw truck. This keeps fumes outside and gives us the high voltage torque necessary to maintain the rpms needed to cut concrete efficiently.

concrete and asphalt
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