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7th generation Texans - 3rd generation concrete cutters 


Our valued clients include:

  • Electrical Contractors

  • Plumbing/Mechanical/HVAC

  • Heating & Cooling

  • Data/Communications & Security Systems

  • Fire Sprinkler

  • Excavation Crews

  • General Contractors & General Construction

  • Cell Phone Tower Installers

  • Overhead Door & Window Installation

  • Residential Homeowners

  • Facilities/Property Management Teams

  • Utility Companies (Gas, Water, Electrical, Fiber, Sewer)

  • Department of Transportation

Hunt Construction Services is a concrete sawing, breaking, removal, and pour back company that utilizes GPR technology to map anomalies, structural steel and cables inside concrete beforehand; providing data to engineers, structural integrity to builders, safety to workers and convenience to plumbers and electricians. 



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